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Channa Chat. A chickpea salad with yoghurt . (Hot or Mild)

Poppadams with an assortment of seasonal homemade sauces inspired

by damsons, horse radish, apples and green tomatoes.



Chicken or vegetable Xacuti. A Goan curry with a Portuguese influence

from the days when the Portuguese ruled Goa. Made with a mix of 13

different spices that are roasted and then stone ground and infused with

Mung Bean Curry. In Indian culture, mung beans are said to bring good

luck, health and prosperity. Raw, they’re thrown into fires at wedding

ceremonies and offered to the gods during auspicious occasions.

They’re also a great source of protein. (Hot or Mild)

Vegetable Thoran. A Kerala stir fry of a seasonal vegetable. (Hot or

Coconut rice. Delicately flavoured rice with a South Indian seasoning of

curry leaves and mustard seeds. (Mild)

Batura. An Indian bread made with yoghurt and egg. (Mild)

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