Welcome to Spice Indira. Let me introduce myself. I spent the first 19 years of my life in South

India and South Indian food is what I grew up with. When I first came to the UK I discovered, to

my horror, that this type of Indian food was not available anywhere. Indian food in restaurants

tasted very foreign and fatty to me and also South Indian food was very rarely catered for (most

Indian restaurants in the UK are based on Bangladeshi cuisine). I craved home cooked food

and found there is no better incentive to learn to cook than craving and hunger! Over the last

20 years I have sought out all our old family recipes and have perfected the art of South Indian

cooking. I have become a bit of a purist and always freshly grind my spices from whole spice in

a stone grinder. The effect is a lovely crushed masala that I use in all my curries.